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Where it all began ...

Our story is rooted in a passion for design, interiors, entertaining and coffee.

Having had a career in construction as a Civil Engineer and Property Renovator our founder Connie followed her daydream amidst the construction industry downturn in 2010.

On a trip back from Leitrim with her parents she stopped and bought a run down and dilapidated caravan that she had spotted on their way down the day before. The sorry sight she bought for the princely sum of €200 was to be her property renovation project for 2010. She set about stripping it apart until all that was left of the original caravan was the frame and the walls. During the winter nights ahead she painted, scrubbed and decorated and imagined what the summer ahead had in store... hitching up the caravan with her teenage kids and wildcamping all the way to Tuscany with nothing to stop them except a new tow bar for the car! But how WRONG could she be .... There was absolutely no way the teens were stepping foot in that caravan. No thank you ... her romantic notions were not for them !

But what about this labour of love Connie had created ?A glamorous new kennel for the dogs ? A chicken coup ? A solitary confinement unit for herself ? Or just stick a for sale sign on it and let the dream die?...

It was at a family wedding in Galway in May of that year, that Connie had her light bulb moment. Not during the wedding ceremony itself, but afterwards while she was racing off to the nearest Centra for two bags of Tayto and a takeaway coffee - as it would likely be another few hours before they sat down to the reception dinner.

Like many of the ladies at the wedding that day, she had skipped brekkie - using that valuable time instead to titivate and get her glam on!

From experience at previous weddings, she knew that a little snack and cup of coffee would keep her going, especially if there was a long drive ahead to the venue. But Connie always felt a pang of guilt, sneaking off during the bridal party photo shoot outside the church, to hunt for that life saving cup of coffee. And it was upon realising the long queue for coffee in the local central comprised solely of other wedding guests - that the fate of Marilyn was borne. Glamourous Vintage Teas in the Churchgrounds served from Marilyn .....

Marilyn - the cutest boutique cafe/bar in town.

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" I don't stop when I'm tired, I only stop when I'm done " ..... Marilyn Monroe

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